Welcome to Vancouver for the 31st Annual Canadian Chess Challenge

The Vancouver Chess School and the Chess and Math Association are happy to welcome

the provincial champions from grade 1 to grade 12 at this national finals.

This event will be held at The University of British Columbia, Marine Drive Ballroom (2205 Lower Mall, Vancouver, V6T 1Z4), on May 19-20, 2019 (Victoria Day weekend).

UBC Suites - Alternative choice of accommodations
UBC Suites must be booked directly by those interested (Elderly parents, larger families with young kids, etc).
This option isn't included with the registration process (e-form).

Website : https://suitesatubc.com/


Click on the link below to access the registration form (electronic registration and payment).

The Registration deadline is April 24, 2019.

The person responsible for each provincial delegation (provincial coordinator or coach)

must send us by email (lacasse@echecs.org) or by fax (514-845-8810)

the form "Supervision of Minors" duly completed before April 24, 2019.