As the song goes, “Well, it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas…”  and with that, the fun starts as we search for that perfect gift for those very special people in our lives.  Some people get very stressed out during Christmas because they have just too many people on their list who fall under the categories of “hard to buy for” or “someone who already has everything”.  And what if one of these people is a chess player, well the task may seem even more insurmountable!

Fear not!  Let’s see if I can help you find that special Christmas gift for your favourite chess player on your list.  Below are some cool chess gift ideas that should put a smile on any chess player on your Christmas shopping list.

Star Wars Chess Set

With the much anticipated new Star Wars movie, “Star Wars:  Episode VII – The Force Awakens”  being released just before Christmas, what chess playing, Star Wars fan wouldn’t thoroughly enjoy a Star Wars Chess Set?  This gift is suitable for both kids and the big kid in all of us.  Priced at $54.95.


Chess Tuque with Knight or King Logo

Knight Tuque

King Tuque

Keep your best chess tool, your brain, toasty warm with a chess tuque that has a Knight or King featured prominently on it.  Priced at $9.95.


Chess Picture Frame

What better way to feature your favourite chess player in chess playing action at their last tournament then by housing that cherished photo in a stylish chess picture frame.  Priced at $19.95.


Winning Chess Books by Jeff Coakley

Winning Chess Stratgey for Kids 

Winning Chess Puzzles for Kids Vol 1  

Winning Chess Puzzles for Kids Vol 2  

Winning Chess Exercises for Kids 

Jeff Coakley has written a number of instructional chess books that are done in an entertaining way.  Prices range from $29.95 to $32.95.


Digital Chess Clock

A chess game is won by checkmate or by loss due to time.  Every chess player needs their set and clock.   This DGT North American clock is used at many of the top tournaments.  It is easily programmable for all the popular time controls including those requiring increment.   Priced at $59.95.


Knight Chess Piece Stress Ball

Squeeze your stress away with this Knight stress ball.  Priced at $4.35.


Software: Fritz for Fun

Have fun playing against Fritz and learn from its built-in chess coach function that explains moves and positions, gives tips, points out hidden dangers, and also provides detailed opening statistics.  Priced at $49.95.


Other Game Ideas


For other game ideas, check out CTV’s interview with Chess’n Math’s Regional Coordinator in Ottawa, Drew Metcalfe:


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