Private Lessons


Throughout its 30 year history, the Chess’n Math Association has trained and followed the growth of provincial, national and international champions. In addition to being professional players, these experts love to privately teach young people who share the same passion. A private coach brings experience and enthusiasm and focuses exclusively on your chess progress.


A private teacher not only teaches, he counsels, supports, guides, motivates and drives.

  • Counsel : He constantly evaluates your game to see your skill level, your strengths and your weaknesses.
  • Teaching : The game of chess is a strategic game in which luck plays no part. The basics of chess are taught in a structured, organized way. The teacher has that expertise. He will also teach you sports ethics because chess is a gentleman’s game.
  • Guide : The chess world is special. Your teacher will tell you what to expect in all situations. He took his first steps at the same level as you.
  • Train : You've seen hockey players training, the same applies to chess. You will have to do exercises on specific topics, regular practice and tournaments. You and your trainer will also analyze the great players’ tournaments and matches.
  • Support : Not only will your teacher support you in your development, but will accompany you from near or far in your competitions.
  • Motivate : A chess player’s career sees highs and lows. Your teacher will share your happiness in your victories and support you in your defeats. After all, all professional chess players say the same thing: "It is, alas, through our own mistakes that we learn best."


If you love chess and want to become a competitive player.
If you want to advance more quickly with an expert.
The Chess’n Math Association can advise you in choosing a private instructor.