Chess is an asset for the development of the child.

The game of chess has long been proven to be an ideal learning tool for school-aged children. While playing, your child is subconsciously developing their personality, intellectual skills and strength of character. All this while having fun! Wow!

What this means is that practicing your favourite activity helps you become better at subjects in school like Mathematics, English and many others.

Did you know that you were doing geometry by learning the movements of Knights, Bishops and other pieces? Yes, that’s right. And problem solving, by anticipating moves ahead of time (as we have to do lots of in chess!) And what about all the calculations we constantly have to make during a game? No wonder we become better in math by playing chess!

Did you also know that while explaining or arguing a move with your friends, you learn to express yourself better and get better in English? Yes, indeed! And what about your memory? It will improve very quickly from having to remember the different pieces’ movements and later on, openings, by heart. Oh yes, and for those who have never played this game, tell them that chess is a very structured game where you have to follow specific rules in order to progress. Just like at school!

You will gradually see that playing chess gives you more self-confidence. You'll be more patient with your progress and your level of concentration will improve day by day. A chess player quickly realizes that success and victory only come after many attempts and mistakes. And that, my friend, is called perseverance, the best reward from any education!

If you’re a student who has difficulty in school for any reason whatsoever, you’ll be surprised to learn that many outstanding young players have lived or are living the same situation as you. You will see that beating one of the best players in chess class will do wonders for your self-confidence!

So why should we play chess? Because it’s fun and educational!