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- Quebec School Team Championship
- Nova Scotia Youth Championship



Quebec School Team Championship

Seventy-five teams, with nearly 300 players, participated in the Quebec School Team Championshipon April 2-3 at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf in Montreal. Teams consist of four players from the same school. This kind of event is very popular with kids because it allows them to represent their school and play as a team with their friends. 

The Échec au Roi news team was on the scene and witnessed two extraordinary and unique achievements. Firstly, Fernand-Seguin School continued their amazing string of team victories, once again winning both the kindergarten-grade 3 and kindergarten-grade 6 sections. Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux, top board on the K-6 team, showed his fighting spirit in the fourth round against Wenxuan Zhong of l'École Internationale. Towards the end of the game, he had only 15 seconds left on his clock against more than a minute for his opponent. In severe time pressure, he still managed to snatch victory. Impressive technique!

But how about the performance of Collège Notre-Dame in the secondary school section? Never before has an all-girl team placed first in a Chess’n Math tournament. These ladies, appropriately named Girl Power, were very proud!

Here are the results :

 K-3 (Section A)
1. Fernand-Seguin Les Zugzwangs 5.0/5.0
1) Ze Yue Li
2) Toma Suda Lafontaine
3) Annie Le Yi Li
4) Sacha Ramamonjisoa

2. La Vérendrye - Magnus Carlsen 3.5/5.0
1) Émile Poulin
2) Luc Chen
3) Jérémie Cyr St-Martin
Mayra Elisa Fernandez

3. Laurier - Les Diables de Montréal 3.0/5.0
1) Kyle Kramer
2) Adam Meyniel
3) Tlaloc Quintero Ferrandis
4) André Boutin

K-6 (Section A)
1. Fernand-Seguin Shredders 5.0/5.0
1) Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux
2) Qiuyu Huang
3) Le Cong Li
4) Yihan Xu

2. Internationale - Alpha Blue 4.0/5.0
1) Wenxuan Zhong
2) Kevin Liu
3) Dustin Zuo
4) Ziyi Zhong

3. La Vérendrye - Garry Kasparov 3.0/5.0
1) David Craciun
2) Stavro Toli Zguri
3) Mathias-Assane Amari
4) Émile Adam Amari

1. Collège Notre-Dame - Girl Power
1) Yilin Li
2) Linda Shi
3) Christine Gao
4) Sabina Tinica

K-3 (Section B)
1. LCC - The Lions 5.0/5.0
1) Misha Seltzer
2) Olivier Nassiry
3) Fabius Beck
4) James Azzouz

2. Solomon Schecter - Jhabs 1 3.5/5.0
1) Alex Bergman
2) Jonah Warshawsky
3) Yonathan Ben-Gigi
4) Ethan Shragie

3. Fernand-Seguin - Le Retour des Baobabs 3.0/5.0
1) Yanis Dougui
2) Jayson Li
3) Léo Jeffe Gruyard
4) Maximilien Meunier

3. Internationale - Petit mais pas très malin 3.0/5.0
1) Julien Lachaine
2) Kylian Moutanabbir
3) Ilyes Tachofine
4) Abel Biard
3. General Vanier- The Greco's 3.0/5.0
1) Nicola Iacono
2) Jesse Rypien
3) Francesco Lattuca
4) Nicola Ragusa
K-6 (Section B)
1. Solomon Shecter - Mtl Maccabi 5.0/5.0
1) Samuel Levkovsky
2) Ben Krivorot
3) Etan Krivorot
4) Teva Cooperstock
2. Westpark - Bad Bishop 4.0/5.0
1) Benjamin Rosenzweig
2) Dylan Picaizen
3) Jaydon Elkin
4) Zachary Elkin


3. General Vanier - The Greco's 3.5/5.0
1) Luca Abruzzese
2) Elisabetta Tillona
3) Anita Barbiero
4) Stefano Cofini



The complete results are at
Quebec School Team Championship K-3 and High School

Quebec School Team Championship K-6



NOVA SCOTIA Youth Championship

Thirty players took part in the 2016 Nova Scotia Youth Chess Championship. The five round event was held in Halifax on April 3 at Mount Saint Vincent University. The winners qualify for the Canadian Youth Chess Championship this July in Windsor, Ontario.

under 8/10
1. Taim Farhat
2. Madoc Sullivan
3. Allister Farquhar

under 12
1. Jerjis Kapra
2. Ezekiel Loty
3. Zein Farhat

under 14
1. Ridhi Mittal
2. Eric Loty 
3. Rikuto Nakayasu

under 16/18
1. Brandon MacDonald
2. Kate He
3. Erjia Guan

First place in the under 14 section was decided by a playoff game.


Under 8/10. The faces of success.

A tricky position. What would you play?

Under 14. Eric, Ridhi, and Rikuto.


For complete results, see Nova Scotia Youth Championships.  

Nova Scotia Scholastic Chess Association




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