An Interview with National Master Adam Dorrance by Victoria Jung-Doknjas

Anyone who knows anything about Chess'n Math's annual Canadian Chess Challenge (CCC) knows the name of Adam Dorrance.  Adam has won the Nova Scotia Chess Challenge Championship for his grade 11 times from Grade 1 to Grade 11 (Adam is in Grade 12 now); and he has gone on to win the Canadian Chess Challenge Championship for his grade 8 times.  Adam has also won the CCC's MVP award 3 times.

Chess camps - rotating strike day

Dear Parents,

With the very real possibility of rotating strike days to come, the Chess’n Math Association is planning floating camp days to be confirmed as are strike days.

To add your child on the list of participants, click on the email below and please provide us with the following information:

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The Chess and Math Association (CMA) is a non-profit organization which, with our provincial coordinators, aims to promote chess in schools in Canada.