The ceremony took place at the head office of the Chess'n Math Association in Montreal on Saturday, June 17th, 2023.

3 photos:

Photo #1 - Larry Bevand presents Shawn with a plaque from the Chess'n Math Association and a cheque for $2,000.

Photo #2 - Some of the people involved in Shawn's career who were present at the ceremony to honour Shawn:

From left to right:

Thierry Libersan, Chess Instructor for the Chess'n Math Association(CMA). Taught Shawn chess when he was in grade 1 at Fernand Séguin School as part of the extra-curricular activity. Also gave Shawn private lessons in the early days.

Larry Bevand, Executive Director of the Chess'n Math Association (CMA), Canada's National Scholastic Chess Organization.

Gilbert Delisle, Chess Instructor for CMA. Runs the chess club for kids on Saturday mornings and lessons on Sunday. He has been with the organization since it was founded in 1985!

Elliott Tremblay, a youngster who is part of the program today and who is an admirer of Shawn...An inspiration to many youngsters today.!

Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux, Canada's next Grandmaster!

Isabelle Rodrigue, Shawn's proud Mom

Sylvain Millette, the person in charge of the Montreal Chess Club Wednesday night events of which Shawn is a regular participant.

Photo #3 - Shawn is presented with a plaque for "Player of the year 2022". This award is determined by a National Selection Committee (Fred McKim, Stephen Wright, Hugh Brodie, Ian Findlay and Larry Bevand) annually.

Photos by Catherine Lebrun

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The Chess and Math Association (CMA) is a non-profit organization which, with our provincial coordinators, aims to promote chess in schools in Canada.