For the Joy of Playing

It is recognized that practice is the key to success in any discipline. We suggest 10% theory and 90% practice. It’s also known that group practice enhances the pleasure of playing compared to individual practice. And where’s the best place to practice in a group? Yes, you guessed it ... a chess club!

Whether you're a beginner or advanced, the Chess Club is the ideal place to develop your game with other people who share your passion. Your trainer will provide you with sound personal advice, theory and a lot of practice against different players, all on a regular basis.


Avantages of belonging to a chess club :

  • Being part of a group of young chess enthusiasts like you;
  • There are always players of your skill level;
  • Interesting activities: friendly practice, rated tournaments, exercises on specific topics, Simuls, etc.;
  • A stimulating environment with a trainer that helps you grow;
  • Equipment provided: chess sets, clocks, score sheet, pairing cards, worksheets, etc.;
  • A springboard to school chess tournaments
    • You’d like to participate in school chess tournaments but don’t know if you're ready? The Chess Club is a good stepping stone. Your coach, by following your progress, will tell you when it’s the right time to participate.


If you want to improve your level of play with quality players and under the supervision of a coach, the Chess Club is for you!

Here's what kids have to say about our club:

“I like coming to the Club because I can practice chess against very good players and advance quickly.”Julia Kuleshova Grade 2, CMA Rating 1289
“The Saturday Club lets me grow as a player and improve my scores.”Prince Éric Jr Guipi Bopala Grade 1, CMA Rating 1174
“I find the Saturday Club lots of fun. I learn new moves and raise my rating. ”Saber Nedjari Grade 3, CMA Rating 812
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