It has been the policy of the Chess'n Math Association to make rating adjustments for youngsters who play mainly in adult events and have attained a certian skill level.

The following formula applies for rating adjustments for these players, 5 times a year : September 25, November 25, January 25, March 25 and May 25.


For players with a CFC ratings (1800 and over)
CFC > 2200Scholastic Rating = CFC Rating
CFC 1800-2200Scholastic Rating = (2 X CFC) -2200
For players with a FQE ratings (1750 and over)
FQE > 2150Scholastic Rating = FQE Rating + 50
FQE 1750-2150Scholastic Rating = (2 X FQE) -2100


We have tweaked this a little (beginning Sept 25, 2011) by adding the following condition:

  • If a player's last Chess'n Math (CMA) rating was based on a Chess'n Math rated tournament and an adjustment would lower his or her CMA rating then no change will occur.
  • If however, the adjustment would increase his or her CMA rating, then the higher rating will become that person's new CMA rating.

Larry Bevand
Executive Director
Chess'n Math Association