The Portal is a service allowing the tournament directors and school tournament organizers to enter themselves the results of their event in order that it be rated by the Chess'n Math Association. If you would like more information about our rating system, the TD Portal or any other services related to the rating, please email us at ratings@chess-math.org or call 514-845-8352.

Attention Organizers: As of September 1st, 2018 we will be charging 75 cents (all taxes included) per player for organizers who submit their events electronically and $1.50 (all taxes included) for those who want us to enter the data for you. All events that are held and submitted to us for rating before September 1st, 2018 will pay the present rate of 50 cents (all taxes included) per player for electronic submission and $1 (all taxes included) per player for manual submission. ***********************************************************************************************************************************

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Last update on 2024-05-16

CSV : All players from Kindergarten to Grade 12 with max rating
DBF : All players from Kindergarten to Grade 12
XLS : All active players from Kindergarten to Grade 12

Canada Canada.csv Canada.dbf
Outside Canada HC.csv HC.dbf
Newfoundland NL.csv NL.dbf
Prince Edward Island PEI.csv PEI.dbf
New Brunswick NB.csv NB.dbf
Nova Scotia NS.csv NS.dbf
Quebec QC.csv QC.dbf
Ontario ON.csv ON.dbf
Manitoba MB.csv MB.dbf
Saskatchewan SK.csv SK.dbf
Alberta AB.csv AB.dbf
British Columbia BC.csv

USA USA.csv USA.dbf


xls Excel format not available until further notice.
If necessary, use the csv format in Excel to obtain the corresponding xls.