Learning is fun!

It’s vacation time and you feel like improving your game in a fun atmosphere? The Chess’n Math Association’s day camps are the perfect place to indulge yourself in your favorite activity with other young people who share your passion.

More than 3,000 young chess enthusiasts from 5 to 14 years old participate annually in our chess day camps. We offer a program of chess activities, diverse sports and cultural activities suited to all chess levels and interests. Surrounded by qualified instructors as well as experienced, bilingual and responsible monitors, children can enjoy their activities safely.


Our Day Camp Schedule

  • Summer Chess Camp : Several weeks are available.
  • Christmas Holiday Chess Camp : One or two camps are available depending on the calendar.
  • Spring Break Chess Camp



  • Choice of schedules
    • Half day: mornings or afternoons
    • Full day
    • Single day(s)
  • Daycare available (See our registration forms for details).
  • Your choice of programs
    • Chess program with sports and/or cultural activities
    • Intense chess program: chess, chess and more chess!
  • Especially geared towards young players – from beginners to advanced
  • Chess program: group lessons, practices, friendly tournaments, matches, Simuls, etc.
  • Chess equipment is provided
  • Bilingual (at Montreal and Ottawa only)
  • The group is divided by age and skill level
  • A T-shirt to be worn at all times is provided
  • Qualified chess instructors who are :
    • Professional chess players
    • Teachers who have been working with the Chess’n Math for more than 10 years
    • Adaptable to our students’ needs
  • Experienced and responsible monitors
  • Sports activities
  • Cultural activities (summer camps only)

Did you know that the Chess’n Math Association has been organizing day camps for 30 years?
Don’t forget, all players are welcome, including beginners!


Below are links for dates and registration fees for a chess camp near you :


** Tell your parents they can receive an income tax credit for your chess camps.