Interview with Lauri Lintott, Member of the 2016 CCC Organizing Team by Victoria Jung-Doknjas

Many of our provinces are well underway with their regional chess challenges.  Qualifiers from these regionals will compete in their provincial chess challenge to determine the champion for each of the twelve grades.  These provincial champions will move forward as a team to represent their provinces at the Canadian Chess Challenge (CCC) on May 22-23, 2016 in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Lauri Lintott is one of the Organizers for the 2016 CCC.  Here’s my interview with Lauri:

Christmas Time by Victoria Jung-Doknjas

Christmas is a very special time of the year:  A time when even the mortal enemies of Snoopy and the Red Baron can put aside their differences in order to help ring in peace throughout the land.  


It is a time when even the most cold hearted Grinches can have a change of heart and decide to start anew.  

An Interview with National Master Nicholas Vettese by Victoria Jung-Doknjas

A name that you might have heard in recently years is Nicholas Vettese.  Nicholas, or should I say, National Master Nicholas Vettese, is the youngest ever Canadian Master.  He became a NM at age 10 yrs, 11 mths and 11 days by achieving a CFC rating over 2200 and earning three 2300 performance norms.  Subsequently, Nicholas achieved the CFC rating of 2300 in June that year when he was 11 years and 3 months.


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