An Interview with FIDE Master Marc Ghannoum by Victoria Jung-Doknjas

FM Marc Ghannoum has travelled the world to play chess and today is a physician.  Like many young Canadians, his first tournament was organized by Chess’n Math, or Échecs et Maths as it is known in Quebec.  He offers some insightful comments on what chess can teach us in terms of humility, determination, and capacity for objective analysis.

GM Kasparov vs FM Ghannoum play blitz:

Attacking the Castled King by National Master John Doknjas

Attacking the King is one of the most exciting parts of chess.  But it is important to know how to attack the King, because if you do not attack well then you will not be able to checkmate.  There are a few guidelines to follow in order to have a successful attack.

1.  First of all, make sure you have more pieces attacking your opponent’s King than your opponent has defending the King. 


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